Core product professional with a penchant for visioning and managing great software products with keen focus on user experience. I strive to obtain leadership roles, take up challenges, and help in building products with tremendous user value. I love to work with talented people in an open and collaborative environment. I’ve 15+ years of experience in working through the entire product lifecycle.

First 4 years of my career:
– I was a fanatic coder who just wanted to write great code.
– Delivered many multimillion dollar projects with high quality for various US clients.

Last 11 years of my career:
– Managed tech teams to deliver software projects worth multi million dollars.
– Product Management
– Agile/Scrum Expert.
– Built great products by brainstorming with teams to come up with features, ideas and translating them into clear tech requirements. Creating clear goal oriented product roadmaps
– Worked with design teams to make good products great in terms of user value, usability and visual appeal.
– Identify metrics that make a product great and take corrective actions based on analysis of metrics data.
– Took products from very early stage to finished version for launch in multiple cities.

What I believe in:
– By default to trust people unless they give a reason not to.
– Open, collaborative team environment where ideas and feedback are freely shared.
– There is no better feeling than to succeed being a part of a great team.

Other than work I am:

– an avid cricket follower
– a motor biker, , read and dabble with photography
– a travel enthusiast